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jacksonville fishing report directory

This is Jacksonville fishing report directory. We try to summarize the most important part of Jacksonville fishing reports so you get the best and most important part when going ashore.

I must warn you though, this is a very long report. It includes all the guru's in the area of jacksonville giving great fishing report on the area.
So you can get the most valued out of it. The best times and good spots to fish, the good , the bad and the ugly about the weather at a spot, and most importantly, the hot spots.

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Jacksonville Fishing Report Summary.

Today weekday, 2d of September of 2014, the sun rose in Jacksonville Beach at 7:04 am and sunset are going to be at 7:47 pm. The moon set at 12:17 am at 249º southwest. Then, the moon rose at 112º southeast at 2:17 pm.

In the high water and low water chart, we will see that the primary high water was at 1:35 am and also the next high water at 2:16 pm. the primary low water was at 8:01 am and also the next low water are going to be at 8:57 pm.

The satellite part could be a half-moon Moon. these days we've twelve hours and forty three minutes of sun. The star transit is at 1:25 pm and also the length of your time the moon are going to be visible are going to be ten hours and zero minutes.

The recurrent event constant these days is forty seven, an occasional price, which suggests that the vary (difference between tide and low tide) are below on alternative occasions and also the currents will be little.

At twelve noon the recurrent event constant drops to forty six to finish the day with a recurrent event constant of forty eight. The tide heights these days area unit four.9 ft, 0.3 ft, 5.6 ft and 1.0 ft. we are able to compare these levels with the most tide recorded within the tide tables for urban center Beach that is of half-dozen.9 foot and a minimum height of -1.3 ft.

The solunar fishing calendar in urban center Beach tells North American country that these days may be a sayonara for fishing, the fish activity forecast is high. Please, browse a lot of regarding solunar tables. the most effective times of day for fishing are:
solunar period from 12:17 am to 1:17 am, high activity solunar activitysolunar activity minor period (moonset)
solunar period from 7:17 am to 9:17 am, very high activity solunar activitysolunar activitysolunar activity Major period (moon down)
solunar period from 2:17 pm to 3:17 pm, high activity solunar activitysolunar activity minor period (moonrise)
solunar period with influence from 7:43 pm to 9:43 pm, very high activity solunar activitysolunar activitysolunar activity Major period (moon up). This period of high activity coincides with sunset; therefore the sun will exercise more influence, resulting in an excellent time for fishing

1st September 2014:

Jacksonvill fishing report 9/2- LABOR DAY (one month closer to winter)


Had Colin & Suzie aboard nowadays. They were out on the groyne wolf, last Gregorian calendar month once it absolutely was cold as all hell. and also the TROUT & REDS were chewin' up live shrimp on "float-rigs" like sin, on the large rocks.

We'll Colin needed to urge Suzie (the gal UN agency took the super Dolphins shots, I even have displayed on the proper facet bar of this blog) on some massive Sharks behind the shrimp boat....."jus' for Fun!"

So we have a tendency to unnoticed and headed straight to the North groyne. Anchored up, and fished items of Shrimp on all-time low and crammed the live well with Sand Trout, Croakers and Whiting.

LIVE WIGGLERS is what I call'em. completely absolute to get eaten up and quick, behind the shrimp boats!!!

Go catch Pogies all ya wish. Drive around up and down the beach. Sweat, and throw that forged web.

NOT ME. i favor fishing. And like fishing for our baits. BIG BAITS.

I do fishing charters. Not running around, castnet charters.

It's what I've continuously done.

Well, we have a tendency to had Suzie attached time when time on Sharks. however simply not ones sufficiently big. large for her.

But Colin and that i needed her on a very giant puller.

And right at the top of the day, on the last bait, because the shrimp boat the "Dying Breed" pushed marine animal over the facet Suzie attached to the one.

Eating her live wiggler and flying through the air and splashing. Finally a B-I-G Spinner or Blacktip like we have a tendency to had Yesterday!!

(Each and each day is totally completely different. this is often bazzaro world FL. I cannot forecast something...I believe I even have preached that currently for eighteen years.)

Suzie fought the Shark because it screamed out line. She simply a little factor. And her back and arms were setting out to provide OUT.

Colin took over, so we have a tendency to lost it!  He reeled within the line and also the chrome steel 10/0 straight hook we have a tendency to were exploitation was BENT OPEN!

Never have I had one among these hooks B-E-N-D. Holy smokes. we have a tendency to might not have had the bit within the horses mouth. finally the jumping the shark did, UN agency is aware of wherever that hook over up.

Yesterday we have a tendency to had a tiny low Sharpnose shark enthusiastic the facet. So, it is a mystery generally what happens out there behind the boat once these sharks are during a mania and swiping at the baits.

I gave Suzie the hook and aforesaid, i am unable to have this. you've got it. It's dangerous magic on behalf of me to stay it.

It'll be a reminder to you, of the facility these sharks have. And a reminder of the large one that got away.

Sometimes, they WIN.
31st August 2014:

Jacksonville fishing report : 8/31 - BIG BAIT BIG BLACKTIPS

Had past client Jim T. together with his son and girl aboard nowadays.

FIRST OFF..........everyone catches. BAIT THAT IS!

We stopped by the N. barrier and caught a livewell filled with Croakers, Whiting and sand trout.

WHAT FOR?? (you ask)


(a summer ritual, once we're "inbetween" seasons)

We had Blacktips that were a hundred and fifty pounder varieties simply nowadays. Jumping and flipping out behind the boat.

THE LARGEST game you'll EVER CATCH AROUND THESE elements OF Everglade State accessible OF THE BEACH.


And that's one more reason i favor "fishing for bait". as a result of it;s FISHIN'. we tend to had "double headers" on and features around one another. however thats all normal fare for on a daily basis behind the shrimp boats.

Here's some picture that don't offer these dudes justice.

Great day.....beautiful, on national holiday Weekend

(please offer American state some quite alert, once reserving on a daily basis. over eighteen hrs, please)

29th August 2014:

Two storms passed by:

After the two storms the Jacksonville town is now calm as ever again with fishing activities going on. This is really going to change for the better as more and new people arrive here every day.

With our the nice, hot, sea breeze, good humidity and calm weather, the fishing ball start rolling. This calm weather will be on like this until October, as it has happened several continuous times.

Its not good to fish in the inlet because of any uncertain storm just like the two twin storms :)
Its time to head down to the river side and probably buy some live shrimps so we can begin our annual shallow rocky shoreline fishing.

You are likely to catch Ladyfish, small Reds, Mangrove snappers and some speckled trout if you pitch with a jig-n-shrimp.

Captain Dave sippler tried out at the down river side and was amazed what he caught. They were good for a start and better than the rocky inlet at this time of the fishing season.

Captain Dave has been providing fishing reports for the the St. Johns River and estuaries around Jacksonville, Florida. With year round opportunities for Red-fish, Trout, Speckled, Flounder, Black Drum and Sheepshead holding the hands of most tourist as he takes them to their tour.

The legendary Mayport Jetties hovers around the river as you will see the huge granite boulders which protects the inlet to the St. Johns River up to the Atlantic Ocean.

Anyone can contact Captain Dave at 4870 Ocean St. Mayport, FL 32223. Phone 904-642-9546. Email: charter@captdaves.com

Featured Charter

Captain Vic Tison

Vic2Fish AdventuresCaptain Vic Tison is also sort of a a local celebrity as the co-host to Jacksonville’s Just Fishing Radio Show which broadcasts every Saturday from 0600 to 0800 on WOKV 690 AM and 106.5 FM. 
He’s also the Regional Director for the Florida Guides Association, a Member of the National Association of Charter-boat Operators, Member of the American Professional Captain’s Association and sponsor of the Inshore Saltwater Angler’s Club. Captain Vic Tison is a 4th generation Northeast Floridan that has been fishing in Jacksonville ever since he was a little boy. By 12 years old, Captain Vic Tison had already learned the Jacksonville tides and currents, where to catch fish, and how to catch them.

Other Jacksonville Fishing Charters

Beaches Fishing Charters

Beaches Fishing Charters provides light tackle, live bait, fun fishing in the Jacksonville Beaches area.We fish along the beautiful Inter- Coastal Waterway, back up in the salt marsh estuaries and out to the Mayport jetties. Capt. Jeff Wansor is an easy going, friendly fishing guide with over 35 years of.. 

The Mayport Princess

Catch the fun aboard the New Mayport Princess with Captain George Strate. With over 35 years experience in the Mayport area, Captain George Strate has excellent knowledge of the area. The 65 foot party boat sails daily from Monty's Marine. Book Early, We Fish Seven Days a Week. Contact info 4378. 

Enterprise Fishing Charters

Whether you want to fish the inshore, offshore, or the Jetties, Captain Kirk Waltz knows the area. Captain Kirks state-of-the-art 24' Tournament Edition Pathfinder bay boat with a 250hp Yamaha 4-stroke engine provides a safe enjoyable ride for up to 4 people per trip. Bait, tackle, licenses, cooler, and non-alcoholic. 

Big River Fishing Charters

Big River Fishing Charters offers light tackle fishing in Jacksonville, FL. With over 40 years of experience , Captain Rick Davis provides some great inshore fishing on the St. John's River or Intracoastal Waterway. Take advantage of Captain Rick Davis' low 1/2 day and full day rates. If you're thinking.

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If you are looking for light tackle inshore and backwater fishing, look no further than North Florida Fishing Charters with Captain Ron Schurr. While floating down Northern Florida’s backwater marshes and estuaries, you’ll be sure to see more than just a great catch; you’ll see some of Florida’s finest wildlife

Captain Bob Fishing Charters

Local Jacksonville fishing guide, Captain Bob Cosby, has been fishing Northeast Florida since a child. Now, as a retired USCGR Captain, Captain Bob Cosby provides offshore fishing, fly fishing, and inshore fishing all year round. Take a relaxing fishing trip with Captain Bob Cosby, and walk away satisfied. 

Majesty Fishing Charter

The Majesty is the largest, most comfortable boat in North East Florida. With a large, air conditioned cabin and plenty of seating, the Majesty will provide plenty of comfort for your deep sea fishing trip. Spend your day fishing for Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, Cobia, Kingfish, Sea Bass, and Shark. All. 

As one of Jacksonville, Florida’s premier fishing spots, Guana Lake has it all. Officially known as Lake Ponte Vedra, Guana Lake is located within the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve and also includes the Guana River Wildlife Management Area.

Much of Guana Lake is less than two to four feet deep with plenty of prime foraging ground for Redfish, SeaTrout, Black Drum, and Flounder. Both artificial and live baits work well when fishing in Guana Lake. One of the most effective methods that I’ve found while fishing in Guana Lake is to slowly drift shrimp underneath a Cajun Thunder float rig in the open areas.

The best time for Guana Lake fishing is in the mornings and in the evenings. During afternoon hours, the activity slows considerably. The northern half of Guana Lake is subject to closings between November through February for hunting.

Periodic drawdowns are also ordered by the FWC which can drastically reduce the amount of fishing area in Guana Lake. During a drawdown, the southern end of Guana Lake is your best bet to fish; near the Guana Dam.

Jacksonville fishing kayakers paddling and looking to fish the skinny waters of Guana Lake can use a stakeout pole to move around virtually undetected at Guana Lake. Quietly move into an area, toss a topwater plug or Cajun Thunder and get ready for your bait to get nailed. Don’t be surprised to see a number of gators in Guana Lake.

This area is FULL of them! Don’t uses a stringer for your fish or you may have an encouter with a hungry gator. Fishing is allowed 24 hours a day and can be accessed from Six Mile Landing and the Guana River Dam. One interesting thing to note is that at the extreme north end of Guana Lake is freshwater.
Guana Lake Jacksonville Lake

Driving Directions

Turn right to merge onto I-95 S Take exit 344 for FL-202 E Turn left at FL-202 E Take the Florida A1A S exit toward Ponte Vedra/St Augustine Merge onto 3rd St S/A1A N S Continue to follow A1A N S The turn will sneak up to you, lookout for a boat ramp sign on the left and the ramp is immediately on your right

Parking Situation

Limited parking (approximately 12 vehicle/trailer spaces) at Guana Lake Six Mile Landing.

Special Conditions

Guana Lake fishing in the northern half of the lake is closed from November 10th until about February 10th due to hunting activities. Periodic drawdowns are carried out in the spring which lowers Guana lake’s depth and reduce the fishing area drastically. This makes it difficult to fish anywhere in Guana Lake but the southern end near of Guana Lake, near the Guana Dam. Fishing Kayaks, canoes, and small boats are ideal. If you have a motor, you can only use one with less than 10HP.

Jacksonville surf fishing report

If you're curious about learning surf casting on the coast of Sunshine State, then florida surf tackle is the right place when you find yourself in Jacksonville. The Sunshine State Surfcasters Club is here to assist by offering native and distant surf fishermen an area to share their concepts with everybody. They are concerned with giving you an area to find out about completely different fishing techniques and ways that may improve your surf casting skills.

It is the intent of this computing machine to bring you “to the purpose information” concerning the game of surf casting and therefore the merchandise connected to it. we have a tendency to hope it becomes one among your favorite“go to” sites for fast info. Your suggestions for improvement square measure perpetually welcome. simply send your concepts to info@surfishingflorida.com.

for information on Sunshine State Surf Angler Rods decision 904-855-0308    http://www.floridasurftackle.com/

​Al with a Black Tip on, employing a massive 'Un Sunshine State Surf Angler Rod .on a season Kuhn radio-controlled Trip.

The Jacksonville Beach Pier was designed not solely to serve the recreational wants of residents and guests however conjointly to resist the worst that the Atlantic will dish out.   At 1,320 feet, the new pier is 303 feet longer than the previous Jax Pier that was 997 feet long and some sixteen feet wide. The new pier, that is unfit accessible, options a 20-foot wide picket deck, many fish cleansing stations, a concession space, bait shop, and restrooms.

Opened - Dec. 30th, 2004
Length - 1320 Feet = 1/4 mile
Width - twenty Feet with a thirty one x forty eight linear unit. T- end
Cost- $3,500,000.00

Fishing - $4.00 all day
(limit three rods per person)
No license needed
Spectators - $1.00 all day
walking on pier, looking, ect...
children beneath half-dozen ar free.

Pier Parking
There is approx 215 parking areas at the New Jax Beach Pier. The downfall to parking is that its conjointly employed by native restaurants and nightclubs. decision pier house for any parking info at

503 1st st. N.
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Telephone: (904) 241-1515

6:00 am to 10:00 pm seven days per week

Pier Rules
Prohibit The following:
Roller Blades - Surf Boards - Bicycles - Pets - Sleeping baggage - Fly Rods - Hand Lines - solid Nets - Shark Fishing - Running - Throwing things from the pier - Sitting on pier railings - Jumping or diving from the pier. No gas Gas - Glass Bottles.
"Alcohol isn't allowed on Pier"
Concession look with bait and tackle is out there. light-weight snacks, restrooms and rod & reel rental

Jacksonville Beach Pier, town of point of entry Beach or Pier Management has nothing to try and do with this web site financially or otherwise.
Even though this web site has been identified to really bring business to and build financial gain for the Jax Pier it absolutely was not the intention to try and do therefore. the aim of this web site is to easily give Pier n Surf info for those searching for it and build some friends within the method. JacksonvilleBeachPier.com is formally The Un-Official web site of The point of entry Beach Fishing Pier.


Targeting Piers/Jetties/Surf within the Northeast Region with Capt. Russell Tharin

August signals the beginning of the bait run over here, that could be a nice time to be fishing within the surf and round the inlets. the autumn mullet run begins someday in mid- to late-August, and runs through Oct, with mullet of all sizes pushing down the coast and upcountry in large faculties.

            Most of the anglers fishing the surf square measure targeting redfish, whiting and therefore the initial of the autumn pompano, that gets higher as we have a tendency to move deeper into the month. one in every of the foremost common ways of surf casting around here in August is to use a castnet to catch finger mullet on the beach, and so fish it on all-time low either live, dead whole or dead withdraw items. that may draw strikes from redfish, bluefish, ladyfish, sharks, big jack crevalles and any migrating soft-finned fish that may air the backs of the mullet faculties.

            Most of the fellows surf casting can came upon many rods with totally {different|completely different} rigs on them to focus on different fish and canopy the water column. plenty of individuals use items of shrimp for bait (you wish the freshest you'll be able to find) and a 1/0 Kahle hook to focus on the pompano and whiting. Then place another rod out with cut bait for the reds, bluefish and alternative gamefish chasing the mullet. on it rod, you’d have thirty pound line, whereas on the pompano/whiting rod you’d use fifteen to seventeen pound take a look at.

            If you catch a Elops saurus, you'll be able to cut that fish into chunks and fish them on all-time low an equivalent means for redfish, bluefish, sharks and soft-finned fish. If you’re targeting the sharks, make sure to use a bit of steel to stay them from biting you off. As a rule, i favor a 6/0 VMC circle hook for fishing the larger cut baits, and a 2/0 or 3/0 hook for fishing live finger mullet.

 one in every of the favourite things my woman and that i prefer to do is throw topwater plugs at daylight on the points of land, the tide lines and on the rocks of the jetties. If you discover bait sitting in AN eddy, you'll be able to throw topwater plugs into the combo and move.

            We’ve got some fantastic piers in my region just like the Flagler Pier, the St. theologian Pier and therefore the metropolis Pier, and as so much as surf casting goes the south finish of congenital anomaly Island and Fox Talbot Island square measure nice, whereas Vilano Beach and Matanzas body of water square measure on the subject of the most effective fishing areas around. Our mole fishing is best in St. theologian if you don’t have a ship as a result of there’s access from shore, however if you’re fishing from a ship the Mayport and Fernandina Jetties are coated with fish.

 you wish to recollect that the mullet square measure moving south down the beach, thus something that impedes their progress becomes AN ambush purpose for gamefish. As those fish move down the bounds they hit the jetties at the inlets, wherever the soft-finned fish, sharks and redfish square measure there waiting to require advantage of the mullet obtaining bottled up against the rocks.

You'll be able to freeline mullet right within the middle of the bait faculties victimization twenty or thirty pound tackle, a fifty pound Sufix halocarbon leader and circle hook. Hook the baits beneath close to the tail if you wish them to swim up and keep out of the rocks, and before of the fin if you wish them to swim down. you'll be able to additionally fish aloof from the structure employing a slip sinker rig, and once fishing that technique you wish to hook the mullet through the lips sinking the chin and out the highest of the top.

 The bull reds are moving to the inlets and beaches from August through Dec, thus simply because some of weeks blow over, it doesn’t mean the most effective fishing is over. The mullet are running till the top of Oct, thus get out there and acquire in on the action.

Mayport Weekly Fishing Report

September Weather is well-to-do This Weekend

    Created on Th, 04 Sept 2014 15:46

The Sept weather appearance fantastic for this weekend. weekday is sold-out out, however, we've house out there for Sunday's trip, Sept. 7th. we tend to square measure catching limits of beelines, together with some trigger fish, amberjack, and a couple of alternative species like dolphin, cobia, African pompano, gray snapper and a lot of. decision United States of America at (904) 241 - 4111 to get tickets for each day of fun with Cpt. patron saint Strate. the value remains solely $85 for a full day of fishing fun.
Labor Day Weekend is nearly Here
Created on Th, twenty one August 2014 16:02

Labor Day weekend is nearly here. wherever did the summer months go?  Most of our youngsters square measure back at school, therefore weekends aboard the Mayport blue blood square measure busier than ever. keep in mind to book early if you're progressing to fish with United States of America on legal holiday weekend or someday throughout the week. we tend to square measure still programming visits seven days per week. look at our new footage on Facebook to examine what's biting....cobia, trigger fish, amberjack, beeliners, and more! decision United States of America at (904) 241 - 4111 to get your tickets for a good day of fun with Cpt. patron saint Strate and also the Mayport blue blood crew. the value for a full expedition is barely $85.00, together with all bait and tackle.
AUGUST WEATHER will solely convalesce

    Created on weekday, 05 August 2014 18:58

August weather will solely convalesce. we tend to square measure fishing once more (good-bye wind, greeting ocean) tomorrow, August 6, 2014 when a couple of days off as a result of rough seas.  If you're still promising your family each day of deep ocean fishing fun, decision United States of America at (904) 241 - 4111 to get your tickets. we tend to square measure programming visits seven days per week in August and square measure wanting forward to some nice days of deep ocean fishing with Cpt. patron saint Strate. the value for a full day of fun remains solely $85 per person, seven days per week. youngsters receive a $5 discount Monday through weekday.  Tight Lines!

    Created on weekday, twenty six Gregorian calendar month 2014 18:08

Fish on in July! we've had very good weather the past fortnight and exceptional weather to travel together with that.  Cpt. patron saint Strate continues to limit the boat out a day in vermilion snapper, adding some massive trigger fish, amberjack, cobia, gray snapper, sea bass, and a good kind of alternative fish to spherical out the day's catch.  It looks like summer is flying by, therefore if your youngsters square measure heading back to high school presently, keep in mind to book early for a good day of fishing fun aboard the Mayport blue blood. we tend to square measure fishing seven days per week throughout the summer. decision United States of America at (904) 241 - 4111 to get your tickets. the value for a full day of fishing fun remains solely $85 per person.  Tight Lines!
July Fishing is HOT HOT HOT!

    Created on Sunday, thirteen Gregorian calendar month 2014 14:47

July fishing is hot, hot, hot! we tend to square measure catching plenty of fish, together with beeliners, plectognath fish, amberjack, cobia, sea bass, gray snapper, red snapper and a lot of.  The weather is being kind to United States of America, and this past week we've been out having fun a day.  If you're searching for a good day of family fishing fun, you'll be able to decision and schedule a full day of fishing at (904) 241 - 4111. the value is barely $85 with bait, license, and tackle already enclosed within the value.  Captain patron saint Strate is prepared to require you and your family offshore for an amazing day of deep ocean fishing.

Kevin Faver Jacskonville Fishing Report

Kevin Faver of St. Augustine, a fourth generation American is the Mossy Oak Turkey/Whitetail Regional professional employees Manager for American state and has been a licensed charter Captain since the age of eighteen.

Kevin started looking and fishing along with his father and granddad at the age of 5. If his pater didn’t have him within the woods or water of Northeast American state his gramps had him trout fishing on the West Coast of American state around Suwannee. He learned to inshore fish from his pater, however in his adolescent years needed to begin fishing offshore.

His pater introduced him to Capt. electro-acoustic transducer Scanlan. At that point Capt. electro-acoustic transducer took him underneath his wing and schooled him to fish offshore. From that point on all Capt. Kevin has needed to try to to is place of us on fish.

His ideal love is to require folks Tarpon atlanticus fishing. Most anglers don’t consider Northeast American state as a Tarpon atlanticus destination, but Capt. Kevin has modified lots of minds. Beside Tarpon atlanticus fishing he conjointly guides offshore for kingfish, cobia, sharks and primarily something that wishes to bite. throughout the cooler months once he’s not sitting in an exceedingly tree stand Capt. Kevin will guide journeys within the backwaters of St. Augustine.

He can fish for reds, trout, black drum, flounder and Archosargus probatocephalus. once he's not within the woods or water, Kevin enjoys sharing his out of doors experiences and information with others. He has co- hosted the radio show “The Outdoors Show” for fifteen years and “The American state Roads Outdoors Show” TV show for ten years.

“Visiting with guests and listeners regarding looking and fishing is sort of pretty much as good as being there yourself,” says Faver. “If I can’t be within the woods looking or on the water fishing, then talking regarding it's consequent smartest thing.”

Kevin conjointly enjoys the possibility to be along with his married person and youngsters. they are going looking and fishing as a family as typically as potential. “Passing on the inheritance of looking and fishing to my youngsters the method my pater passed it to American state is one in all the foremost vital things I will do as a father.” Faver says. “The outdoors could be a good way to pay time together with your youngsters and teach them respect and responsibility.”

In freshman journalism categories you’re warned regarding superlatives. There’s just one biggest or best or largest or scariest or ugliest — just one.

You can’t say “That’s one in all the prettiest women I’ve ever seen.” She is one in all the “prettier” women. There’s only 1 prettiest woman. religion Hill and Shania distich can simply need to fight that out; and that i, for one, would positive prefer to watch.

So once I hear that this fishing or that fishing is that the best in memory, skepticism kicks in. however I’ve detected this statement over a few times over the past 5 years. we have a tendency to had a shrimp run of biblical proportions 3 years agone. This year bluegills are blazing. {there were|there are} prior they have to be compelled to be and far larger than they must have been. It’s just time for them to be doing what they’ve been doing for a few of months. The best, it’s possible, is nonetheless to return.

The word is that this week from one in all the simplest guides on the St. Johns stream that the shellcracker bite is best than any of his full circle of fishing friends and mentors will recall. they're all over in Lake St. George and therefore the St. Johns south of Palatka.

Likewise, the catfish run in Dunn’s Creek is being beaked because the best ever — as they head from the stream to Crescent Lake to spawn.

I’ve been putting this on ink stuff for near thirty years and therefore the spate of “best” bites appears over coincidence.

The reason all this comes up is that it’s curious that the management of seafood in Florida is most higher than that within the Atlantic. We’re talking regarding five-fish limits of Chinese-red snapper and Black Sea bass with snapper and grouper pack up tight.

And within the state-managed fresh, it’s twenty five dotted perch and fifty bream. the bounds ar generous and therefore the biomass simply keeps obtaining stronger.

Certainly a key to the health of fresh stocks is that the lack of economic pressure. You won’t notice largemouth bass bass fillets or dotted perch iced down at your favorite fish house. however catfish ar industrially fished — as exhausting because the commercial guys need to fish them. They catch and sell solely what the market permits regionally. And they, the recreational anglers and therefore the catfish ar all doing dandy.

And even in salt water wherever the state runs the show instead of the feds, flounder limits ar most likely too high. The redfish limit was simply doubled. dotted trout limits were raised by one fish and therefore the closed season was eliminated. This wasn’t as a result of grumbling anglers pushed for it. it had been as a result of the fish stocks were sufficiently healthy to permit it. And real knowledge was accustomed demonstrate that.

Meanwhile the Atlantic Fisheries Management Council is pitching anglers the bone of a 3-day special red snapper season when three years of complete closure, as a result of the stocks are not any longer being “overfished.” A three-day season? And if the wind blows it’s a no-day open season within the Atlantic.

Sorry for the soapbox, however the Florida Fish and life Conservation Commission has done a euphemism of employment in creating fresh fishing in 2013 what we have a tendency to could keep in mind as “the sensible previous days” a decade from currently. Or it'd simply be higher. With continued  sound management, we have a tendency to could nonetheless see “the best.”

The St. Johns stream and space Lakes

As mentioned the shellcracker bite is blazing in Lake St. George. alittle piece delay plenty of bream bedding, tho' a lot of fish ar being caught off the beds and just about crammed with roe.

The last of the bedding bass fishing is crawling northward within the stream. however wherever bed-fishing ends it leaves in its wake some real hungry bass — it’s like Denny’s when the promenade.

Oddly, anglers drifting and troll in Lake Santa Fe ar still catching limits of fat dotted perch.

And the catfish bite is hot. A best bet currently would be to fish bream on the sides of the liliaceous plant pads and boundary vegetation. Go alittle heavier within the line and hook department as a result of you'll attach catfish. For the larger cats, toss a 3/0 circle hook with an oz. of weight out into deeper water with a bit of cut shiner or mullet and a 15-pounder can terribly possible be a part of you for dinner.

The Intracoastal Waterway

In the ICW, redfish continue provide consistent action, second solely to the Elops saurus.

Sheepshead fishing ne'er utterly goes away, however alittle additional work is concerned immediately and thru the summer.

The best bet remains flounder. There ar a couple of very nice fish around. there have been a minimum of 5 reports of fish pushing or prodigious ten pounds over the past couple weeks. the simplest story is maybe the ten.5-pounder caught off the SR sixteen Bridge within the city. however there also are manner too several reports of stringers of thirteen in. fish.

The Vilano Pier continues to allow up some flounder, whiting and bluefish.

The Atlantic Ocean

The big bite of dolphin out on the shelf pack up earlier in the week, however the higher charter guys expect another run or 2 to be heading our manner.

The forty first Bluewater Tournament was fished last weekend. the highest 3 boats every discharged a marlin. The earliest unleash time set the 3 prime spots. just one wahoo was weighed — a twenty one –pounder. the massive dolphin of the tournament was a 50-pound fish.

Cobia created AN look simply before the windy Memorial Day|national holiday} holiday. the new bites have usually return from north folks, firstly Mayport and early within the week at the mouth of the St. Mary’s water at Fernandina. the massive question is whether or not or not they’re gone for the year currently, or whether or not we’ll have a second wave of fish moving north on the beach, or west from the Gulf stream into our close to shore reefs and wrecks.

Bottom fishing has been excellent on the shelf. Some nice grouper were caught beside plectognath, pink porgies and beeliners. keep in mind that Black Sea bass reopens Sabbatum. Last year all the larger fish we have a tendency to were cathartic before the gap had vamoosed simply before the gap. thus go get your five-fish limit early and sometimes. this is often a fish that likes cold water and follows that urge to the Carolinas now of year.

A few kingfish showed up for the primary time in the week. a couple of smaller fish were caught out on the wrecks in 80-plus feet of water. but Captain Kevin Faver picked up a 40-pounder within the water.

The St. saint Beach Pier was slow all week with a couple of whiting, a few of pompano and a couple of black drum.

The weather

It looks alittle powerful for offshore fishing this weekend. Southeast winds can blow at fifteen knots with seas forecast at three to five feet.


Look for massive changes is that the initial kingfish tournament of 2013 — the King Buster four hundred. First, whereas boats will look at and fish out of St. Augustine, the weigh-in and alternative events are going to be run out of Beach Marine in port of entry. The tournament is scheduled  June 21-23. Registration and captain’s conferences ar Friday.

The general tournament is Sabbatum. Junior Anglers fish Sunday. Registration is $150 till could 31; when that it jumps to $225. It’s $50 for the children. go online to kingbuster.com for all the data.

*You will submit fishing reports and photos to Jim Sutton at creekrat@bellsouth.net or decision 460-9309.